Bhoja Air flight from Karachi to Islamabad crashed near Rawalpindi. 127 dead.

Bhoja AirIt is reported that Bhoja Air flight B213, crashed at the Koral Chowk on Islamabad Express Highway in Rawalpindi. The passengers and crew, a total of 127 people, are reportedly dead on scene.

According to Geo, the plane which flew from Karachi at 5:00 PM was supposed to land in Islamabad at 6:50 PM, but crashed just before touchdown.

The plane reportedly fell on top of houses in the village toppling many building before hitting the ground.

Bhoja Air resumed its operations in March 2012, after a hiatus of around 11 years.

Geo reports Bhoja Airlines had bought this very aircraft from Shaheen Airlines after it was scrapped by the latter for its compromised flight-worthiness. Obviously the CAA and concerned authorities do not give a damn about it.

In July 2010, AirBlue flight from Karachi to Islamabad crashed in Margalla Hills, killing more than 150 people. After months of investigations, the captain of fated plane was held responsible for the crash.

Right after the incident of Bhoja Air, the media started a race to break exclusive news – doing a vulture dance around the disaster site. As happened earlier, there will be committees to desecrate the dead, waste public money, keep the nation in frenzy and ultimately put the blame of captain and close the file.

May Allah (swt) have mercy on us. We need it now, more than ever.

1 thought on “Bhoja Air flight from Karachi to Islamabad crashed near Rawalpindi. 127 dead.”

  1. Bhoja Air Line ,relaunching after a hiatus of 12 years , with 127 people on board crashed today due to bad weather at an airport near Islamabad.There are very little hopes of survivor.
    A n aggressive rain and wind storm was pouring parts of the capital around the same time as the crash, which occurred about 6:40pm.
    Rescue officials were working in the dark, with many using flashlights as they scrutinized the area.
    The plane that crashed was 20 years old, while some reports say that it was 30 years old. The aircraft had been bought by Bhoja Airlines from Shaheen Airlines. May Allah give patience and courage to to the families, and may Allah give our nation Imaan and sincerity to check and follow up all regulations setup for good maintenace of all transport vehicles, air road, or sea
    Now the question arises here who will take the responsibility of this airplane crash?The authorities of Bhoja Air line must be questioned in front of public for buying 30 yrs old planes and putting into service and executed naive people with no fault.


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