Between Zardari and Musharraf

To give quick injection to the sliding popularity of his party, the co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party, Asif Ali Zardari has called Musharraf “relic of the past,” and has taken a tough stance against him.

This is very strange to some, but if we keep the Pakistani politics in mind, then its nothing new. Benazir Bhutto had been doing this all through her exile, and then it was revealed that she had contacts with Musharraf all those years, and then as a resultant of those contacts she managed to come back after striking a deal, under the supervision of the United States.

These are the tactics of the politicians to deceive the people, and this is the way to increase the price. After getting the reward of National Reconciliation Ordinance from Pervez Musharraf, Zardari is asking for more.

President has taken a “strict” notice of the statements of Zardari and has as usual threatened him with the NRO.

Just yet another farce and melodrama on the part of both.

2 thoughts on “Between Zardari and Musharraf”

  1. This time it seems that Zardari has finally realized that the people want Musharraf to go. I hope Musharraf sees the celebrations of the people when he resigns. And I hope he resigns tomorrow.

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