BBC Documentary grills Farooq Sattar on Altaf Hussain operating MQM from London, Money Laundering and Imran Farooq Murder

Altaf Hussain MQM Drama

BBC report on Altaf Hussain and how he is operating MQM while sitting in the UK. Followed by a QA with Dr Imran Farooq who has MQM registered on his name in Pakistan.

BBC showed Altaf Hussain’s mansion in London, previously unknown to his followers and Pakistan public alike. (Here is detail of Altaf Hussain’s home in London and how Google Maps and UK Land Registry website were used to trace the ownership to him)

The allegations on Altaf Hussain include:

1. Involvement in murder of his former associate, Dr. Imran Farooq
2. Money laundering (on the basis of unaccounted cash and valuables found when London Met police raided the homes of Altaf Hussain and his close associate)
3. Inciting hate and violence in Karachi while residing in the UK (hate crime), including his threats to prepare Boris (body bags) of his opponents.

Ali Naseem Bajwa, an urdu speaking London based terrorism barrister, says that from the excerpts of Altaf Hussain’s speeches it is clear that a serious threats have been conveyed to those who were targeted in those speeches.

Naeem Ahmed, former MQM member now residing in London, claimed that hundreds were killed by MQM in Karachi. He said MQM is bunch of mafia and militants.

According to Shaheen Sehbai, Naeem is former MQM MPA.

BBC confirmed the ingenuity of the famous letter allegedly written by Altaf Hussain to then British PM Tony Blair, offering unconditional support (aka hands for hire) including intelligence, protests and logistics support. MQM has always refuted the claim of authenticity of the letter. Wonder what it would say now.

According to Farooq Sattar, BBC is under influence of pro-Taliban and radical forces

From the release of this BBC documentary, it is evident that the British establishment has now decided to revoke their patronage of the mafia chief who operates a network of extortion and bloody violence in Karachi.

Will the British government arrest Altaf Hussain on charges of murder, money laundering, and hate crimes? And what reaction his mindless followers will cause in Karachi? Next few weeks will tell.

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