Bandish is a very dangerous form of Black Magic done to destroy different aspects of life.

Marriage – This is done in two different ways. Either a beautiful, well-educated girl will not get any proposals or she herself will refuse every proposal without any reason.

Studies – A bright intelligent child with a very good record will suddenly lose interest in studies. If he sits down to study he will not feel like concentrating. He will want to study, but will be unable to do so.

Job – A well qualified person will not get a job no matter how hard he tries. ( A successful amal to get a job is the recitation of Surah Ya-Seen after Fajr salat, which must be prayed in the mosque.)

Business – An excellent business running like a dream will suddenly flop. It will see an enormous drop in the number of customers. An unbelievably huge drop without any reason.

Anyone who does bandish either themselves or has it done by someone else loses his/her eman and becomes a non-muslim.


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