Bail Granted To the Couple Accused Of Heroine Smuggling Via Umrah Pilgrims

The Sindh High Court’s single bench comprising of Justice Amir Hani Muslim after hearing the bail application of Syed Sarwat Hussain and Ms Shafia Khanum facing drug possession charges, granted bail to the couple with surety of Rs50,000 each while their son Faraz was granted bail earlier in August 2009.

Accused Sarwat Hussain who has been described as a sub-agent of Al-Huda travel agency, allegedly handed over heroin-filled slippers to the intending Umrah pilgrims. They were also being tried in connection with possession of drug charges before the Control of Narcotics Substance Court. 120 grams of heroin powder was recovered from their possession.

Sarwat Hussain and his wife Shafia Khan, have surrendered to the police and confessed to their crime of drug smuggling through pilgrims to Saudi Arabia. This reprehensible act of the couple is the reason for detention of five Pakistanis in Jeddah accused of drug trafficking.

Javed Ahmed Chattari, the counsel for five people who were detained, opposed the bail application on the plea that the couple had not only committed a crime against a person but had also committed an offense against the country which is tantamount to treason. They should be punished strictly so that others would learn a lesson but it seems that as they have gone through this case it will be not much of a task for them to get bail in other pending three cases.

“Justice delayed is justice denied”

2 thoughts on “Bail Granted To the Couple Accused Of Heroine Smuggling Via Umrah Pilgrims”

  1. Our laws are such that bail can be denied only to people accused of murder and rioting and similar offenses. Drug smuggling is a bailable offense. And handing the accused over to the Saudis would be a travesty of justice, since the Saudis chop off the heads of Pakistani drug smugglers without giving them a chance to appeal. But the Saudis have done nothing to control their own drug dealers who obviously receive the drugs from the Pakistanis.


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