Awesome Jewish power!

It’s indeed ironic that the leader of the most powerful country in the world has to bend over backward to appease the prime minister of a state which is heavily dependent upon the former. Obviously Jewish power terrifies the U.S. president. The prime minister of Israel simply said, “Get me President Bush on the phone.” When told that the U.S. president was in the middle of giving a speech, he said, “I don’t care. I need to talk to him now.” Bush suspended his speech and attended to the call. The Israeli P.M. told him, “The U.S. should not vote in favour of the resolution calling for a cease-fire in Gaza.” Poor Mr. Bush immediately called Condoleezza Rice and told her to abstain from voting for the resolution (which she herself had drafted).

I don’t think Bush would have even attended a phone call even from Manmohan Singh in the middle of a speech, let alone Zardari. If there’s a lesson in all this, it is that, as Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia said, “The Jews are powerful because they use their minds.”

4 thoughts on “Awesome Jewish power!”

  1. Vinod they hold the federal bank, the 12 largest food and grain companies responsible to distribute meal to the world and what not! they are the “owners” of US and the world, the entire population living is gentile/mere workers, now can u say “no” to the employer?

  2. for Me more Important is the Fact that Jews have Powerful ego n Pride …and The World Bows before Them who hold these Qualities and strong Self-Respect.

  3. Most Nobel Prizes in the sciences have been won by the Jews. Not all Jews are bad. Some Jewish writers 9Naomi Klein, Naom Chomsky, etc) openly support the Palestinian cause. The killers are the Zionists (European Jews settled in Israel by the U.S., Britain, Russia and Europe).

  4. Jews used their mind to blow up the twin towers. Then they blamed in cleverly on Taliban, once again using their minds. Many Jews are actually athiests who have caused and are causing untold misery to mankind. They have always used their minds to kill. The less said about these murderers the better.

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