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I wish I had a magic wand that would wipe away the misery and the pain, the inequality and the injustice. I don't have the wand but I've me, and I dare to dream.

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The current “emergency”, our youth and Harry Potter

Our youth is doing great in schools. They might be young but they think clever. A recent report b…

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AAh- the city Karachi

May 12th and then October 18, hundreds of innocents were killed in this city. Karachi has now bec…

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Pakistan and freedom

Pakistan may be a free state… Pakistanis? I doubt!

We are not free. there’s no freedom of sp…

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Sinking Karachi

30 people died, many more will die due to lack of medical treatment.

Insecurity our biggest pr…

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The art of Communication

Communication is one of the major art of life.

Let it be work, home, personal affairs.. the m…

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Death of Bob Wolmer and the lesson for team

Bob Wolmer died yesterday (May his soul rest in peace).
Was this coach of Pakistani team so depr…

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Who will be next?

First it was Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and now Justice Chuadhry

Seems like Pakistan Army is becomi…

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First Women bank Limited, a bank really for the betterment of women?

First women bank limited, which claims to be the only women bank world wide, on women day announc…

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Kurrachee in 1851

Water-color of Karachi (Sind) by Henry Francis Ainslie (c.1805-1879),
April 1851. Inscribe…

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COROT – in search of new planets

A French satellite designed to hunt out for new rocky planets outside our solar system has starte…

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