Atta Riots; An Indication Towards General Uprising

An economist, a Prime Minister of Pakistan Shaukat Aziz, made this nation believe in the wonders of a revived economy by constantly rephrasing the rise in annual GDP over the years. But this wheat shortage, electricity problem, gas expenses has turned the prosperity into a nightmare. Today a common man is unable to feed his family not because of the price hikes but because of the paucity in every area of life.

In this severe distress in diurnal life when one need to seek even a minor and prudent hope towards recovery, the Ministers are proclaiming their errors of mind by phrasing that NWFP will cutoff the electricity for Punjab if the supply of flour is not started soon because electricity is the production of this province. This mindset establishes that we are unable to tackle our vexed questions, complications, and predicament and are provoked very easily by each and every incident taking place. We conjecture in disunity as a solution to the complications rather than coming to common mid terms for sorting things out.

The recent report published by state bank of Pakistan shows that the “engine of growth” has been interrupted by the current events taking place in the country. Though 7 percent GDP appears to be a healthy sign, but the report mentions that the growth is patchy and is not divided equally in all sectors. At this time when the economy is facing the dark side of the picture, savings and investments are needed to be boosted which can only be achieved by a rise in per capita income. Despite a healthy GDP a Common man is unable to fulfill his basic needs. This leads to a terror called Want.

Amid the phase of terror of want, the caretaker government must solve the problems of the rural class because history is evident that such small crisis rise into major riots and lead towards dismantling and disintegrating nations.

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