Asif Ali Zardari: encircled with Controversies before being a President

Pakistan’s political setup has been full of controversies since independence. Sometimes these controversies have been used as scapegoats by political figures and sometimes for the sake of propaganda and maligning others status and position. Whatsoever the motive it wont be inaccurate to pronounce that they do effect the status and image of politicians in their careers. Zardari since long has been controversial figure for various known and unknown reasons.

Pakistan, a nuclear state is passing through one of the toughest times. In such a situation when economy needs stability that directly depends on increased foreign investment, is short and discouraged. The security situation declining with every minute passing by has annihilated uncertainty. In such circumstances when federation requires a qualified, experience and non controversial individual to be the President of Pakistan, Zardari is an absolute wrong candidate. Though cases against him have been cleared but one cannot ignore the very fact that he is not a man whose words support his actions.

Allegations against him on the ground of his health and mental status, his irresponsible altitude while handling judges restoration issue, his huge bank accounts and his de-facto status as prime minister, foreign minister and co-chairperson of PPP are enough to induce an environment against him by large.

2 thoughts on “Asif Ali Zardari: encircled with Controversies before being a President”

  1. You all would agree that he has outsmarted Musharraf and Nawaz. He is a shrewd person who judges and times his moves. I would blame the top leadership to be sitting quiet and not doing anything about it, wheres Nawaz’s now when his party’s blunders and yapping here and their with PPP backfired and took us to face this ghastly sight. PML-N is also suffering for DUMBOTEA or something……… didnt they know who were they dealing with? are they so naive? it all a game!! they wanna make fools of again & again!!! all of ’em are the same.

  2. I agree with you and all publc must be responsible for decreasing security situation because this has been caused by the public by them self not by foreigner or rebelion.


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