Ahmad Rushdi

The current youth in Pakistan is unaware of the legendary musical figures, this country has produced. Melody Prince Ahmed Rushdi is one of them. When I grew up and started listening to music, Ahmed Rushdi had long gone from this world. Courtesy to PTV, one day I heard his song “Akelay na jana, hamain chor ker tum”, and I was hooked.

When I started exploring him, a new world opened to me. A world full of soft and delicate feelings. A world full of deep heart beats and a world full of elusive sweet songs. After his song “Tumhain kaisay bata doon, tum meri munzil ho”, “kash koi muj ko sumjhata” engulfed me, then came to me “Haan is mor per is jaga baith ker”, and it soon followed by “kisi chaman mien raho, tum bahar bun ker raho”, and then the song “lug rahi hai mujey aj sari fiza, very soon followed by the all time hit, “ko ko korina”.

Ahmed Rushdi is among those versatile play back singer, who single-handedly could ensure the success of a movie. They are the giants whose name is a synonym with success. In the Pakistans music heritage his voice is written with golden letters. He sits among the giants like Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar.

I wasn’t present in this world, when he was ruling on the hearts of billions of people in sub-continent, but what I read and hear, he was a maestro, and a class act. His songs were ubiquitous every where and lips of billions of people used to sing him.

After listening to the Pakistani singers of my age, and then comparing them with Indian singers, I was thoroughly surprised that Indian singers were decades ahead of us. Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam, Kumar Sanu, Abhijeet, Babul and others have become music icon in Pakistan, but most of youth didnt know that once we also had a man from us, who was better all of them, and his name was Ahmed Rushdi.


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