An Acute Rise In False Allegations Of Rape

Rape Culture

It is almost becoming a fashion for women to accuse men of rape in order to take revenge from them, for sympathy, to gain attention, for financial gain, and countless girls do it to escape blame after they are caught having sex by their parents. Whatever the reason, a man’s life is destroyed as being convicted alone means a tarnished image and social boycott.

False Rape

Thousands of innocent men are rotting in jails all over the world, while those who managed to prove their innocence cannot get a job because no one will hire a man convicted of rape. Add to this the prying eyes of society who see even those men cleared of rape through shades of doubt. Men who are accused falsely of rape end up with nothing but devastation in their lives.

The idea of love marriages has promoted dating, where premarital sex is almost a given. Apart from STDs, STIs, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, etc, it has given rise to a ‘false’ rape culture. Women accuse men of rape at will with little or no consequence. This is not only detrimental for men but also for real victims of rape.

Delhi False Allegations Rape

The whole justice system is biased in favour of women, and more and more men are becoming victims of false allegations of dowry, domestic violence, and rape. In many cases, a woman does not even require concrete evidence to destroy a man’s life with a jail sentence. Hundreds of thousands of men globally are spending time behind bars at the hands of women who lied.

Police readily believe women while everyone turns a deaf ear to men’s pleas of innocence. This is distressing and appalling. It is almost as though men are not human.

The amount of injustice against men is abominable.


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