ABUSED: Short Film About Domestic Abuse Against Men

abused domestic violence against men

Feminists have long propagated domestic violence as something reserved for women. Even the term ‘domestic violence’ makes us automatically think of a woman who has been abused, rather than keep a neutral stance on the issue. This ‘victimhood’ has been carefully planned with lies, deceit, exaggerated statistics, and fabricated allegations of domestic violence by women.

Men are victims of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse but feminists and the media have the public dance to their own tune of domestic violence. Blood-soaked images of men who have been beaten violently and abused mercilessly never meet the public eye. Pictures of battered and bruised men remain hidden, and the media remains busy glorifying women’s issues.

Watch the film below to get a glimpse of the reality of the hidden abuse that men all over the world face on a daily basis.

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