Abdullah Yousuf: Nachoon Mien Chun Chun

Chairman FBR, Janab Abdullah Yousuf has really made my day. I have literally forgotten the swishing of Bipasha Basu and the thumkas of the Rani Mukherjee. Really, I am all for the dance party enjoyed by the man in the President House.

You cannot say that Shaukat Aziz has done nothing. When we were suffering through the food crisis and the atta was just out of our reach, Short Cut Aziz was giving applause to the senior bureaucrat for his grand performance.

The staff and officers of Central Board of Revenue should take a cue from their boss. They should bring in “Tablas” and “Dhools” in the CBR building, and instead of filling, checking and analyzing the tax forms and other bland documents, they should sing, dance and rejoice.

This way they are more likely to collect more money and more chances of making their boss happy, which would directly result in their promotion.

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