A Vast World For Us

We Pakistanis are awakening very rapidly. The generations before us and before that used to restrict themselves to the limited. They shrinked their world to limited things. They were limited in every thing; in education, in careers, and virtually in all the aspects of life. Those who didn’t follow the stereotype, either became psychos or migrated abroad and became a part of American and English dream.

Just look around you, the bad news is that you would see the old mind set all around you, but the good news is that you would see it receding quite rapidly. They young generation is competitive, hardworking and have got a will to progress. We are not willing to spend our life in a single ogranization for 40 years, and drawing whatever scraps they tossed in our directions. We are ready to take risks. We are ready to innovate and experiment.

We are the heralds of information age, where we know that though the competition is rough and tough, but rewards are too high to lose. We know that we don’t want to remain in the confines of developing country anymore, we know that we want freedom, democracy and progress. We love our religion and want to save it from the false images. we are not narrow-minded bigots, we know that our religion is our power, and Islam tells us to work hard and explore the world.

We hold a very strong and lasting belief that there is plenty in the world for everyone – plenty of time, opportunities, money, resources, people, fun, experiences. We are challenging the underpinning of the ‘lack’ mentality, we are asking questions. We are not subservient to anyone, and we are ready to bring an information revolution, thanks to the World Wide Web. We have a faith that more is available to us – in terms of possibilities, resources, opportunities and approaches.

We know that a new brave vast world is awaiting us. We are not lesser than anyone, we have got the potential and the will and the power. We are challenging ourselves and the world.

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