A Note on The Note


After a series of some dramatic posts I decided to chill things up with this post. This is an interesting example of modern communication which I have never seen before. The person may not have the facility of Telephone or SMS perhaps that’s why decided to become innovative and send his message written on a currency note through a child. The message is for a dear one to meet in the grave yard (wondering why in the grave yard?) & rest will be told by the child delivering the piece of love.

“Jan kal bara bajay haji sahib ki qabar pe main tumhara intezar karon ga baqi baat is bachay se poch lena”

12 thoughts on “A Note on The Note”

  1. @momina
    look at your theory as if you are about to make a script………i believe the next post from you will be on “vampire in the grave yard”

    @ hina
    mam dnt b so suspicious i have nuthing to do with this “note on the note” and i assure you that in no way I am associated with vampires in any phase of my life…………..

    Waise if it wasnt a love note………..my mind would have said 1 thing……….down here the grave yard are famous for being the favourite spot for “junkies” and a heaven for drugs…………..may be the power of love have turned both of them into junkies?…………………………nw momina you have the script for the new assignment………………

  2. herat hai abhee tak Yusha ya Lakhani ko is note may say Taliban ki boo nahee ayee.. after all there is some ‘Haji sb’ involved – even if resting in his graveyard.

  3. LOL! ok imagination drive…could be the guy is a vampire and has been trying to lure the girl to become his dinner.
    Somehow he hasn’t been successful. Maybe they always meet in crowds. The vampire wants his identification under wraps.
    Meeting in the graveyard might sound romantic to the girl (i don’t think so but it is after all a vampire’s mind). So he sends her the note written on the note. H instructs the child, who is a child vampire if the girl questions or refuses…urghh…he would be so frustrated…so just give her a small bite.

    what say?

  4. lol!
    I know people write notes on money notes to see when will they get the note back, i.e. after circulation. But this is…lol…innovative.
    I’m also thinking the same Hina, why the graveyard??? lol.


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