A Note on The Note


After a series of some dramatic posts I decided to chill things up with this post. This is an interesting example of modern communication which I have never seen before. The person may not have the facility of Telephone or SMS perhaps that’s why decided to become innovative and send his message written on a currency note through a child. The message is for a dear one to meet in the grave yard (wondering why in the grave yard?) & rest will be told by the child delivering the piece of love.

“Jan kal bara bajay haji sahib ki qabar pe main tumhara intezar karon ga baqi baat is bachay se poch lena”

12 thoughts on “A Note on The Note”

  1. lol…hmmm…not a bad idea…

    The kid could be a having a sniff of drugs with him that he will give to the girl to make her drool and meet the guy in the graveyard for a drugs revelry…

    You know first i thought they both might be sick and tired of life (failure in accomplishing their mission) and might be choosing a grave spot for themselves…

    Anyway, Hamid, bring more ideas!! lol

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