A Complaint Against Incorrect Meter Reading by KESC

Here is a complaint against incorrect meter reading by KESC, sent in email by one of their subscriber. I am publishing it verbatim.

Letter No.21/2009

Feb 09, 2009

I approach to all concern but not get positive reply that is why send my complain letter to be appear in LETTER TO EDITOR column SO the concern authority will serious to solve my problem from root level soon.

Meter No. B 80074 Consumer No AL888067 A/c No.0508903450227

Ref H-6140-2008-MMA-957 registered with Wafaqi Mobtasib Karachi

Sub un-attended & careless from KESC against complain more than 2/3 excess billing reason speedy/faulty meter but who will notice KESC silence?

Respected Sir / Madam

We are living in a 2 room flat of ZAINABIA TRUST, SOLDIER BAZAR, KARACHI 74400 and our problem begins when replaced old meter by new one, Since we faced problem of excess billing even our complain registered with the WAFAQI MOHTASIB, Karachi No. H-6140-2008-MMA-957 have no progress when time to time we remind them to solve our problem, why they people treat us SECOND CITIZEN OF PAKISTAN.

Our case was 20 months old but remain dead in the file of WAFAQI MOBTASIB any person asked why they delayed the cases for what reason?

Why we punished to face the excess billing more than 2/3 time against the actual consumption more interesting to share we replace all our normal light and bulb with saver in order to safe the electricity charges but our efforts are unsuccessful..

More interested to share I also registered complain with the following authority and expect positive justice and solution of my proof but don’t take un-necessary time please.

1. PRB-5378-09. On line complain with Governor of Sindh Dated Feb 2, 2009

2. ONL/0000035/09 with Mohtasib Islamabad Dated Feb 3, 2009

3. Many time placed complain with KESC but surprise they people have no courage to reply

4. Approach KCCI for help twice time but no positive result to solve problem, only submit electricity bill photo copies to them

5. today registered online complain with Chief Minister of Sind and expect positive response.

Please remove our faulty / speedy meter at your earliest and also allow us reasonable rebate the reason we pay the excess ELECTRICITY billing on account of speedy or faulty meter, this credit must reflect in our bills and inform what amount you suggest for giving us credit soon.

Current month bill I can’t able to pay due to heavy amount of Rs.2200 and even request to solved by problem in honest and sincere way than god will bless you all.

Do not forget the issue of unannounced load shedding which on daily basis we used to face at least 3 to 5 times a single day and duration of entire single day is minimum 4 hours.

I am jobless Since Sep – 08 and plus KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION PATIENT, why you people want to give additional tension and torture as punishment for using electricity in honest way?

I failed to understand when we settle our Nov 08 bill in due date than why the arrears shown in Dec 08 bill for Rs.610.07 which is too surprising.

Remember that delay in justice is also IN-JUSTICE and please don’t give additional burden or pressure for common consumers. Where KESC totally careless attitude to solve my problem than what authority I should contact tell me please.

How helpless or powerless business community KCCI organization not yet succeeded to get relief a common consumers than how they fought for the rights of own members.

In last who will remind to KESC that they forgot to response a common consumers? KESC maintain the same attitude (remain silence or ignore) when other consumer complain than who will notice this careless only CONSUMER’S suffer in our country.

Thanking You

( Ashfaq Sharif )

2, zainabia house, soldier bazaar, rodrick road, Karachi 74400

2226942 0333-2131984 new email : ashfaqsharif@ymail.com

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    this month bill to not meter reading please this mistake sole . thanks

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