50 Killed in Herat, Karzai

Along with two close aides of Afghan President Karzai, fifty Afghan civilians have died in an air strike by US led Nato forces in the Western province of Herat in Afghanistan, and there is not even a squeal uttered by Karzai, and we are waiting here that Karzai also put the blame for it on the Pakistani security agencies.

The killing of civilians in Afghanistan which include women and children has become a norm, and never any Afghani official and their buddies Indians have ever given it a hoot, and they never denounced the NATO forces for collecting the gory collateral damage. And when they feel like it, they just attribute any bomb blast in any village or city of Afghanistan to Pakistan.

Pakistan shouldn’t be paying much attention to the allegations of the puppet administration in Afghanistan, but they should try to keep their own home in order, and they should also try to contain the Taliban factor, and we shouldnt be providing any excuse to the enemies.

The recent threat by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan to the NWFP government to step down in five days is very stupid, and it would send a wrong message to the world fraternity and has added up to the troubles of the Pakistani government.

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