42nd Corrupt State

Guess who is the number one corrupt state on the planet ‘Earth’? Pakistan. No. Don’t be so disappointed, in the cluster of almost 200 countries, we are not that bad. We are 42nd position. This has been declared in the report of Transparency International. They have also said that overall corruption has been reduced, but corruption in police and education department has increased. No news there.

Chairman of Transparency International has also claimed that if the judiciary would be real free in the country, things might have been entirely different, and there would be a solid tangible decrease in the corruption level in Pakistan. In their findings, Transparency International has also said that the federal secretaries are one of the most corrupt elements in the government. They have also said that in order to eliminate or reduce corruption in Pakistan, the check and balance system has got to be rectified and implemented in true sense, just like Singapore and Hong Kong.

As far as corruption is concerned, the state of affairs is very very sorry. Corruption is everywhere and at every level. From government to opposition, from political parties to religious parties, from police to administration, from media to judiciary, from education to health sector, from top to bottom. Transparency International has observed correctly that police is the most corrupt thing in Pakistan.

Police is considered the most despicable element in Pakistan, and rightly so. We, the common people daily suffer in the hands of police. We have to give 20 or 25 rupees to a traffic seargent inspite of having all necessary documents and without violating any traffic rules, we have to give money to policemen just to get justice, if there is any. We have to bear batons and tear gas from police just to ask for our fundamental rights. Police is acting as the personal servants for ministers and officials.

People of Pakistan really wants to get rid of corruption, but due to lack of awareness and education, they are unable to find a proper way. They showed an un-precedented display of struggle and unity in the issue of chief justice of Pakistan. The political parties have lost their confidence in people, and now people don’t want to listen to them. Nation also doenst want an army rule. Nation wants a true leader.

2 thoughts on “42nd Corrupt State”

  1. You should consider yourself very lucky. I wish your luck continue like that forever.

    My experience is little bit different from you. I never travel without proper documents, and I try my best to drive as much sensibly as possible.

    I have been stopped by many a times without any cause by the policeman, and they have blatantly and shamelessly demanded money and in Ramadan ‘Eidi’.

    Initially I tried to argue with them, and instead of aruguing with me, they slapped a challan of 250 or 300 on my face for overspeeding and on other ocassion of wrong over taking, and I had to bear the magistrate court to get back my docs.

    I think 25 rupees are ok, when you compare all that hell.

  2. “We have to give 20 or 25 rupees to a traffic seargent inspite of having all necessary documents and without violating any traffic rules”

    You are wrong here , as per my experience if you have all necessary documents and you follow all traffic rules then there is no issue for you

    Hum sirf Apney Time ke bachat k leyae 20-25 dey ker jaan churatey haen so sirf yeah kehna k Police galat hay Apney App ko farishta kehney k barabar hay

    in my whole life only 2 times maen nay Es terha jaan churaee hay and both time i know k maen galat ho


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